Monday, October 17, 2011

Wisconsin residency

I've been diligently working on my grad school app and I'm caught up on pretty much the lamest question on there. I have to prove my Wisconsin residency by putting in my tax information (which I have but I hate flipping through those forms), my parent's tax information and the last time and place I voted. I remember exactly the last time I voted: it was a tiny local election, it was either late fall or early spring, it was cold enough out that I remember wearing my thin purple fleece and the wind was biting me through that but I was too stubborn to wear a real jacket, it was a Tuesday because I was on my way to watch volleyball at the Flag, and after I got my little 'I voted' sticker I stuck it to the dashboard of the Cavalier because I didn't feel like getting into any discussions on politics while I was at happy hour. I couldn't tell you what the election was actually for or who I voted for, but the whole reason I did go vote was so that when I did my grad school application this year, I could put that date in the box. I never wrote down the date. I flipped through my journal and there is no mention of voting, no date circled that says 'last time I voted in Wisconsin!' in all caps. I don't know how I expected to remember the date a year later. And it's not like I need the exact day, I just need the month and year. And I don't have that.

I have only ever lived, worked, or attended school in the state of Wisconsin. Yet I went out of my way to frustrate myself because I thought I was making my life easier. I'd have my application completed and turned in if it wasn't for this one question.

I have two months to narrow down the month I voted in. I have found two elections last fall that it could possibly be. I think I'm just going to guess which one it was and hope I'm close enough.