Sunday, June 3, 2012

I'm bringing blogging back (yeah!)

I have decided to bring back my blog. Why? I work nights and have very little contact with the outside world (by outside world I mean my friends). Basically, anything I would ramble on about in an email/Facebook message to Jenny will now be put here. Now you can read all about my boring life!

Here's a conversation I overheard last week at the library:

"I always liked Tony."
"Yeah, but he didn't like to shower. He always walked around barefoot."
"So what? I did that when I was younger."
"But he always had huge calluses that had dirt stuck in them. And when his feet got really dirty, he stuck them in the toilet to clean them."

Now, when you hear something like this, you just want to bust out laughing. But since I was working by myself at a computer and eavesdropping is rather rude, I tried to avoid laughing. And the more I thought about Tony washing his feet in toilets, the harder it was not to laugh. I kept scrunching up my face, which caused my eyes to water, which made my need to laugh grow even more.

As if that wasn't enough for one day, an hour or so later I overheard this:

"Have you heard anything from her?"
"She moved out of state with a boy. They are getting married."
"I heard he is a potato farmer."
"I hope they are some kind of healthy potato, she has a wedding dress to fit into."

If I hadn't already spent the morning trying to hold it together, I don't think I would have found this as funny as I did. But by this point, I came close to laughing and crying in public like a complete maniac.

Since then, I've been eavesdropping on as many conversations as possible. However, I haven't heard anything noteworthy. When I am bored, I wonder about poor Tony. Are his feet still dirty? Does he wash them in public toilets or his toilet at home? Why would he share this information with anyone?

Would it have been weird if I would have interrupted their conversation to get the facts straight?

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