Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Pinterest Obsession

What did I do with my free time before Pinterest? Yesterday was a Pinterest day.

First I washed all my makeup brushes in a vinegar/water solution.
 I made this sugar/coffee/peppermint scented scrub. I really like having soft skin.
 I tried to glitterize some votive holders. Pinterest made it look super easy. I did a bigger one with dark blue glitter and a smaller one with light blue glitter. They both need at least a second coat of Modge Podge and glitter. I hope after a couple layers it all sticks! If they turn out, they are going to go in the bathroom for a cute place to stick bobby pins and earrings and other miscellaneous little things that end up everywhere.

 I made my own 'Pam'. Yes, that is my flask funnel. It actually comes in very handy quite often.
 I've been printing a lot of recipes from Pinterest (and other sites around the internet...but mainly Pinterest). There's also a few recipes ripped out from magazines or the Penzey's Spice catalog.  I sorted them all into categories and as soon as I find a three hole punch, they are going into a binder. It will be like a cookbook, but full of recipes I picked out. I've either made the recipes in this stack and liked them, or I plan on making them because they sound like something I'd like. I made this mac & cheese recipe out of this stack and it was just okay. It wasn't the greatest, but it wasn't too bad. I'm guessing it was because of the low-fat milk and low-fat cheese. I've been on a quest to find a delicious 'healthier' homemade mac & cheese, but I'm starting to think this will be impossible.
 My mom always says that spraying mouthwash around a campsite keeps the mosquitoes away. I followed this homemade bug spray recipe and added in a couple drops of patchouli essential oil. I poured it all into an old spray bottle and stuck it out on the back porch. It has yet to be tested, but I bet it will work better than nothing. Otherwise, I just made a large bottle of minty-patchouli perfume.
I finished up the day with a 15 minute workout so that I am prepared to go to the gym today (we are working out with Rachael's personal trainer friend today and it is going to be deadly).

Am I the only one this obsessed with Pinterest? I love cooking, I love making crafty things, and I love pictures of really cute babies. Pinterest has it all.

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  1. Mac and cheese isn't healthy because of the mac and the cheese. I've tried making "healthy" versions, but the truth is, what we like about mac and cheese makes it unhealthy. It's a doomed quest.